Travel rewards credit cards: Unlocking perks for jetsetters and vacationers

Credit cards have various sub-categories; and travel cards are one of them. You can make cheaper international purchases and gain several travel-related rewards while purchasing goods and services using a travel credit card. Read on to know more about these cards and their features. 

What are travel credit cards, and how do they work?

Travel credit cards focus solely on travel-related rewards and benefits. These cards offer you rewards if you use them for travel-related purposes. Some examples of such expenses are airline ticket bookings, hotel bookings, and other travel expenses. The advantages offered by travel credit cards differ depending on the card issuer; however, customers can avail of bonus points by using these cards for travel-related purposes. Travel credit cards are best suited for people who travel frequently.

What are the different types of travel credit cards?

Banks and credit card issuers offer several categories of travel credit cards: 

  • Airline credit cards are ideal for frequent flyers: You can choose your preferred airline and earn more credit card points while making these bookings if you choose an airline credit card.
  • Hotel cards offer exclusive rewards on hotel bookings: If you are someone who enjoys hotel stays, you must opt for a hotel card. These cards help you make the most of your hotel stays across India and the world by helping you earn extra credit points too. 
  • General travel credit cards can help you gain benefits regardless of your mode of travel: If you wish to save money while traveling – regardless of the mode of travel – you can opt for a general travel credit card. These cards can help you get benefits while booking flights, hotels, or while renting a car. 
  • Premium travel credit cards help customers get luxury benefits: If you don’t wish to compromise on luxury while traveling, you must opt for a premium travel credit card. These cards offer luxury benefits like airport lounge access and concierge service; and charge a higher annual fee when compared to the other categories of travel cards. If you are a frequent flyer who prioritises luxury while traveling, this card is for you. 

Benefits of travel credit cards:

Here are all the benefits offered by travel credit cards: 

  • You can gather points with every eligible purchase:  Travel cards offer several offers, and you can gain more points by making more purchases.
  • You are rewarded for traversing more miles: Travel cards reward jetsetters for accumulating airline miles. You can access free or discounted flights, seat upgrades, and other VIP air travel treats after choosing a travel credit card.
  • These cards also waive foreign transaction fees: Travel credit cards make international travel very convenient by waiving foreign transaction fees. You can make international purchases using these cards without worrying about any extra charges.

You can go through the types of travel credit cards mentioned in this article and choose the one that suits your lifestyle best to save more money while traveling. Be sure to remain updated on the offers announced by the card issuer to make the most of them while they are valid. 

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