Karaoke in Gangnam, Seoul Is Visited by Many People 24 Hours A Day

Karaoke in Gangnam, Seoul hosts a variety of performances, drinking parties, gatherings, and parties. Many people visit this place and it is one of the entertainment establishments in Gangnam. This is the most popular place. In Gangnam, people enjoy various entertainment cultures. There are many clubs on the streets of Gangnam Station, and Apgujeong and Cheongdam have many places where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment, including lounge bars, pubs, and hip-hop clubs. The most popular entertainment establishment in Gangnam is Full Salon, a karaoke bar.

Karaoke full salon open 24 hours a day

The full salon remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These are very large and are usually located in the basement or ground floor of luxury hotels.

There are a variety of things to enjoy within the full salon. A variety of events and performance parties are constantly being planned.

For various people to enjoy the full salon It has over 100 rooms and has the advantage of being able to accommodate a large number of people due to its spacious hall and lounge booth.

People in Gangnam usually visit full salons from early evening to early morning, and on weekends such as Friday and Saturday, there is a shortage of rooms, so you may have to wait.

Provides a variety of menus and fresh snacks

Full Salon offers a variety of alcoholic beverages to choose from. Customers can choose alcoholic beverages to suit their mood, including popular whiskeys, tequila, vodka, and champagne.

Fresh snacks are also provided. Full Salon’s snacks are provided from the hotel’s kitchen, and the menu consists of a variety of ingredients and provides fresh snacks.

The most popular alcohol at the ( is Golden Blue, a whiskey that Koreans enjoy. It is the cheapest of all alcoholic beverages and is suitable for the taste of Koreans.

Because that’s right.

Friendly staff welcome you

Full Salon always receives compliments from customers for its very friendly service. This place has over 100 employees, including professional waiters and managers.

We are always striving to provide quality service without inconvenience to our customers. If a customer wants to visit the full salon, they will be picked up by a luxury vehicle within the Gangnam area.

We provide a drop service to the customer’s home or moving area when checking out. There is a basic tip for these people and the table cost is

You should tip about 5%. You can receive even better service if you bring a separate tip in addition to the basic tip.

We have everything from basic to premium rooms available

Full salon usage fees vary. We offer everything from basic rooms to premium rooms with high-end sound systems and unique interiors.

Visiting customers use basic rooms most often, while premium rooms are usually used for entertainment or meetings with important people.

There is a service package provided for each room. Basic rooms include a bottle of whiskey and beer, while premium rooms include premium champagne and a variety of snacks.

The premium room is equipped with premium Bang & Olufsen speakers, creating a richer sound and atmosphere..

Nice lounge and hotel

The full salon offers a lounge on a separate floor. You can enjoy a buffet meal in the lounge, and there are also packages that allow you to enjoy champagne and wine.

In the lounge, pleasant music such as classical music or calm jazz is played, and you can feel the lounge atmosphere in the full salon.

Full Salon’s lounge business hours are separate from early evening to dawn. Customers who use the lounge can use the hotel, and when they finish using it, they can use the hotel.

Additional services such as accommodation, spa, and massage are available at the hotel.


Karaoke Full Salon is a multi-facility that combines various entertainment cultures and is a popular place visited by many people in the Gangnam area.

This place has a variety of facilities for you to enjoy depending on your taste, such as karaoke, lounges, and clubs, and a variety of services are provided.

Full Salon is a popular entertainment establishment in Gangnam where a variety of entertainment, gatherings, drinking parties, etc. are held.

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