ICP’s New Sharing System DocuTrack; What Will This Mean for Rallying Rune and RABT? 

Last month ICP unveiled its innovative sharing system, DocuTrack. This could indirectly affect the fastest-growing crypto, namely the rallying Rune and Raboo.

Raboo, a burgeoning force in the meme coin domain, stands at the brink of explosive growth. Currently in the early throes of its presale phase, currently priced enticingly at $0.0036, Raboo is not just inching towards success; it’s tipped to skyrocket a staggering 100x in 2024, turning into one of the fastest-growing crypto.

But what fuels this bold projection, and how does ICP‘s latest venture play into the anticipated surge of Rune and RABT?

Rallying Rune – THORChain grows 295% in one year

THORChain, known for its decentralized liquidity protocol allowing users to exchange cryptocurrency assets across multiple networks without losing custody, uses Rune as its native utility token.

In the past week, Rune increased by 8%. This uptick is part of the broader crypto market trends and shows Rune’s resilience and potential for growth. Currently priced at $5.6, analysts are bullish on the Rune price, which increased by over 280% in the past year. 

ICP introduces a new sharing system. Could th

According to recent crypto market news, the new ICP sharing system, named DocuTrack, is an open-source application created for the secure sharing of sensitive files. 

The introduction of ICP’s secure and private sharing systems like DocuTrack could indirectly impact the entire cryptocurrency market, including Rune and Raboo. For meme coins like Raboo, which often rely on community engagement and viral trends, a more secure environment, like that provided by ICP, could foster greater investment and participation, influencing their value and popularity.

With the groundbreaking sharing system, the stage is set for Raboo to rally like never before. As RABT prepares to ride the waves of this new development from ICP, the question isn’t if but how high this meme coin will soar.

Raboo – Unleashing the future of memes

Imagine stepping into a world where memes not only dominate the digital landscape but are the currency of creativity and community. That world is not a distant dream; it’s here, thanks to Raboo. This emerging meme marvel is making waves with a unique blend of social-fi and artificial intelligence.

At the heart of Raboo’s appeal is a backstory that sounds like a legend from the year 3024. Picture a digital realm where memes are king, but not all is well. Amidst this chaos, Raboo emerges as a beacon of hope, armed with a self-evolving AI determined to elevate the meme game.

What makes the RABT token worth watching? It’s simple: involvement equals reward. Dive into weekly, monthly, and quarterly meme-making marathons, compete for glory, and get handsomely rewarded in RABT tokens. The excitement doesn’t end here — with a strategic token burn event on the horizon, the value of your holdings could soar as supply tightens.


With RABT currently priced at a steal during its presale, there’s no better time to jump in. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, Raboo is the ticket to a future where memes rule, and rewards are ripe for the taking. 

Join the Raboo revolution today and let your memes do the talking!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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