Crypto Indicator That Signalled Bull Run in 2021 Flashes Again, Analyst Recommends Adding Bittensor (TAO), DTX Exchange (DTX), and Hedera (HBAR) for Top Crypto Gains

After the Bitcoin halving, the crypto market is expected to witness a massive bull run similar to 2021. While many altcoins are declining in the post-halving accumulation phase, analysts anticipate a bullish resurgence with new all-time highs.

As investors seek promising projects, Bittensor (TAO), DTX Exchange (DTX), and Hedera (HBAR) emerge as the top choices for diversification of portfolios. As the bullish cycle approaches near, the tokens are expected to yield massive returns with bullish price breakouts.

Lead Analyst Predict Bullish Trajectory For Bittensor (TAO) 

As AI-based cryptos are grabbing the spotlight, Bittensor (TAO) is the leading contender for market dominance. According to leading analysts, Bittensor could see ground-breaking gains of 22x during the current market resurgence. With a positive market sentiment for Bittensor, the TAO token can witness a bullish traversal to previous highs.

Trading at $400.8, TAO is up by 6.7% in the 24-hour timeframe. Despite a brief decline in the past few days, analysts are positive about the TAO’s journey soon. Notably after Token2049, AI tokens are expected to gain a boost, leading them to surge past unprecedented levels. TAO’s next stop is anticipated to be $450 amid a bullish recovery.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Set to Rebound Amid Coinbase Listing

Hedera (HBAR) has witnessed a massive price momentum in the last few weeks. As the market continues to recover, Hedera is setting the stage for another bull run with the announcement of  Coinbase to list its perpetual futures. The trading will commence on May 9, 2024. A positive sentiment was observed as the HBAR price rose after the news of the anticipated listing.

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Moreover, Hedera’s commitment to achieving carbon negativity is seen as a promising initiative to embrace an eco-friendly mechanism. Trading at $0.09, the token has entered a consolidation phase. Analysts predict this as the perfect opportunity to fill the bags with Hedera in the wake of a rapid bull run expected in the next few days.

DTX Emerges As The Top Crypto Poised For 25x Returns 

Among the revolutionary exchanges set to disrupt the trading dynamics in 2024, DTX Exchange (DTX) has grabbed significant market traction. The hybrid platform features 1000x leverage and other key trading features including multi-tier accounts and distributive liquidity pools. Traders can optimize their assets and gain higher market positions with minimum capital using the DTX platform.

Among the best features include the platform’s security protocols, letting users engage in secure trading and reliable transactions. DTX Exchange offers non-custodial wallets to mitigate the risks of any potential security breach and let users maintain full control of their private keys and digital assets. As the crypto market gears up for the next bull run, investors remain optimistic about the potential returns of TAO, DTX, and HBAR tokens, seeing them as pivotal for portfolio diversification.

With over $495,000 raised in stage 2 of the public presale, the DTX Exchange is poised to lead the bullish market recovery with surging demand. DTX token is priced at $0.04. Analysts anticipate a bullish outlook for the token beyond $1 once its presale ends, promising 25x returns for early investors.

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