Blockchain-Based Global Medical Platform MEDIEUS Signs MOU with ELYSIA

MEDIEUS, led by CEO Park Bo-hyun, is a pioneering blockchain-based global medical platform. On April 18th, the company announced a significant development: a strategic partnership, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with ELYSIA, a leader in real asset tokenization.

This collaboration marks a pivotal step for MEDIEUS as it prepares to launch a new service tailored for medical institutions—the ‘real estate service for medical institutions.’ Through this service, MEDIEUS will leverage Elysia’s expertise and technology in tokenizing real assets to utilize real estate data effectively.

The partnership is poised to cultivate innovative Real World Asset (RWA) ecosystems and business models. RWAs represent a transformative concept in finance, bridging traditional financial markets with the burgeoning virtual asset financial market by tokenizing tangible assets.

In celebration of this MOU, MEDIEUS is set to conduct an airdrop event, distributing a total of $2,000 US dollars worth of benefits to the Elysia community. This event will run from April 17th to 23rd, with further details available on the MDUS official Telegram channel.

About MEDIEUS: MEDIEUS operates as a blockchain-based medical social media platform that not only shares patients’ medical service experiences but also builds a comprehensive reputation system for medical institutions and staff. It supports patients by providing a one-stop service that spans from searching and recommending doctors to booking treatments, aiming to optimize the treatment and service provision to patients.

We build a web 3.0 ecosystem for hospitals, doctors, patients, and biopharmaceutical companies. Now, enjoy shopping for medical product, information and services.


Users such as patients, hospitals, doctors, and companies information registration and sharing, community activities, purchaselevel, etc. With Medieus Cahs depending on various activities You can get compensation.


Rewarded Medieus cash can be used for a variety of benefits through Medical open market for payment for the use of medical products,
the use of platform, subscriptions for seminar training and advertising and so on.

Personal health history management
Individual patient registration of his/her own medical information, such as a medical receipt, prescription, examination result sheet, etc MEDIEUS coin rewards based on registered information. Integration and Management/Analysis of personal health data- Benefits of personal health history management service.

personalized Healthcare Shopping

Medical shopping easier through medical financial servives It’s a compensatory system based on patient participation that strengthen patient ownership on the platform It is to provide points for the patient’s health data establishing an ecosystem of various medical product experiences.

Search for
based on reputation

Personal health
record management

Network building among hospital
Strengthen platform

Sales of medical
product based on
personal health


To trade real-world assets on the blockchain, they must be tokenized as RWAs. ELYSIA is a platform that provides RWA infrastructure and tools to enable anyone to create RWAs.


A space is needed for the diverse RWAs created through ELYSIA to be traded. ELYFI is a platform that provides an RWA-based financial system to enable the trading of diverse RWAs.

Those interested in more about MDUS can visit these links:

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